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Dr. James G. Johnson is the founder and president of Keys4-Life, a non-profit organization. He is the author and producer of Marriage Made Simple and, most recently, has released his new book, Grace: Orphans No More.

Dr. James G. Johnson is a Licensed  Ordained Pastor of 39 years; holds a Doctorate in Christian Counseling from Northwestern University; Master of Divinity from Talbot School of Theology; Bachelor’s Degree from University of Nebraska, Major in Philosophy of Logic; Second Doctorate in Christian Clinical Counseling from Christian Leadership University, New York. He is a Board-Certified Christian Counselor with American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC), and Certified Master Life Coach with International Christian Counseling Association (ICCA)



The Goal of Every Married Couple Should Be:       Growing Together

Learning to Connect

Marriages aren’t always full of warmth, support and love.  “Dysfunctional” families begin with frustrated marriages. In recent years, the divorce rate has risen higher than ever recorded in the Unites States. Young couples decide to live together before committing to marriage because of the way they witnessed their parents’ marriage function. Marriages and churches are reaching out crying for help and resources to aid in restoring broken marriages and those that have become stale with non-communication through the years.

It’s Okay to Admit When You’re Wrong

To change the home, change the man of the home first. Guys can be stubborn. Their masculine leadership of the family makes it hard for them to give a heartfelt apology.  It takes a real man to be able to admit he’s wrong. They would rather die first than to go to counseling. Guys are afraid to ask for advice, but it’s okay to reach out to professionals and ask for help. Counseling with a Life Coach goes a long way connecting and investing in your marriage.

So here are some questions:

  • Is your marriage oriented vertically with God relationship at the head or are your priorities horizontal in a world’s value system?
  • Do you listen, engage and connect with your spouse?
  • Have you learned the skills of Kindness, Understanding differences, Taking care of each other in a lifelong commitment, Communication in each other’s languages, Ministering to each other’s heart needs?
  • Can you use the skills of Conflict Resolution and achieve an effective connection on the other side?

Dr. James G. Johnson unlocks the puzzles of marriage with the Keys of God’s Word to assist men and their wives in the process of having a marriage as Christ intended.

1 review for Marriage Made Simple Conference

  1. Sue DeCelle

    “Moving past the guilt and forgiving, using our spouse as our rear view mirror to shine and speak the truth in love, compromise and boundaries, differences in needs; Our marriage was broken but we discovered during this conference that we were actually just bent due to communication
    connection. We were once aliens, now we are best friends. Simply stated, be patient, be kind and the two of you can begin investing in your marriage”.

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