With out question one of the most prolific and influential preachers of the the 1800’s Charles Spurgeon was sought after by many.  Always focused on the Word, he never lost sight of the Centrality of Christ.  His messages some 3,000 in number were copied, transcribed and preserved for our instruction.

Here are a set of messages that are specifically set in the context of country living.  They are called sermons from the farm and each provides the newly introduced the opportunity to learn and enjoy this wonderful preacher which the well versed continue to be amazed at his insight.  Thankful to God for such a man as this.


Sermons from the Farm:

The Sluggard’s Farm

The Broken Fence

Frost and Thaw

The Corn of Wheat Dying to Bring Forth Fruit

The Plowman

Plowing the Rock

The Parable of the Sower

The Principal Wheat

Spring in the Heart

Farm Labourers

What the Farm Laborers Can Do and What They Cannot Do

The Sheep Before the Shearers

In the Hay-Field

The Joy of Harvest

Spiritual Gleaning

Mealtime in the Cornfields

The Loaded Waggon


Wheat in the Barn



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