“I came expecting another set of formulas and what I got was a challenge to relation-
ship with God as my Father. What an amazing truth. How could I have not seen
this in 30 years of ministry”

– Local Pastor

“The ministry of Keys4-Life has touched
me in ways I cannot explain. Dr. Johnson is not the typical Faith Based Counselor.
He begins in prayer, ends in prayer, relies on the Holy Spirit, uses scripture and does
everything he can to glorify Christ. Come prepared for not an event but and encounter
with the Presence of the Living God”

– Counselee

“From his own pain, Jim brings healing and
restoration to those whose lives he touches”.

– Leith Anderson

“Moving past the guilt and forgiving, using our spouse as our rear view mirror to shine and
speak the truth in love, compromise and bound- aries, differences in needs; Our marriage was
broken but we discovered during this conference that we were actually just bent due to not under-
standing each others love language. We were once aliens, now we are best friends. Simply
stated, be patient, be kind and the two of you can begin investing in your marriage”

– Attendee at MMS Conference

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