To Glorify God and enjoy Him forever.

To Receive His Love give it away in random acts of Humility & Gentleness.

This site is the online home of Dr. James Johnson, Ph.D executive director of Keys4-Life Ministry.  Keys4-Life is a faith based, biblical, Christian Counseling and Coaching non-profit service.  We provide Clinical Christian Counseling through in office appointments, phone, and Google hangouts (skype).


  •  We believe in the Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  •  We believe the Bible is the in-errant, in-fallible and fully inspired Word of God
  •  We believe that no one is broken beyond help, and we will never give up on you.
  •  We believe that your past DOES NOT have to define you.
  •  We believe in being non-condemning or judgmental.
  •  We believe that you deserve respect right where you are presently.
  •  We believe that the Holy Spirit is the Wonderful Counselor for each individual.
  •  We believe the Word of God and finding His Wisdom provides the tools for positive change.

It is my firm belief that we are to remain a Biblical Ministry.  This means that we begin in prayer and end in prayer. There is reliance upon the “Wonderful Counselor”, the Holy Spirit. Furthermore, the Word of God is valued above all other opinions and is used extensively in either healing or in growing. Our goal is to help others mature into the stature that is found in Jesus Christ.

The core of this ministry will be found in our Identity in Christ.  Most Christians find their identity in their wounded-ness, but God called us to find our identity in our Adoption.   We are sons and daughters, redeemed, restored, welcomed and embraced by the ONLY New Testament Name for God…. “Abba Father”.  Our ministry teaches the nature of the orphan mindset, orphan thinking and moves toward learning from the example of our Fatherly Parent… to love others extravagantly.  We receive His Love (Identity) and Give it away to others (the Arena of Relationships)

Counseling and life coaching are based on a relationship with a professional who co-facilitates with client to establish long-range goals and the achievement of those goals through the accountability of short-term objectives.