Lean Together in 2015

Scripture: Psalm 9:9 -11 “Those who know your name trust in you, for you, O Lord, have never abandoned anyone who searches for you”.
Thought: About 10 years ago, I stopped making “New Year Resolutions” because they never worked for me and never lasted past January, that’s if I was good. So instead, I started asking God to teach me about His character; the Fruit of His Spirit. (1 Corinthians 13) My New Year resolution was to be more Christ minded. I would take one word that describes Jesus and ask God to give me strength to PUT HIM FIRST. Last year I asked my Father God to show me what His Love really is. Prior to this prayer, I had so many expectations and disappointments when I tried unconditional love on my own, but when I trusted God to show me His love, I was putting Him First daily. This year my resolution prayer is for me to learn how to love God unconditionally. He showed me His love first and now I want to learn to love Him like He loves me. Following Christ is not easy; in fact this prayer is scary to me but I hold onto God’s promise that he will not abandon me. I relate this kind of love, giving and receiving to the only I kind of love I have humanly learned, and this is with my husband. I have no fear of sharing my failures with him. We lean together as we committed in our wedding vows. We lean together with Our Heavenly Father to take over and show of His way to the truth and life; both personally and in our marriage.
Action: A promise to a new beginning. God promises to redeem all events of our lives for our good if we look to Him. Romans 8:28. Love covers it all. The daily stresses on marriages, the most difficult situations and decisions. Put God First and make Him the source of your love. Hand in hand you can face the best and the worst that life offers. Lean together with your spouse in 2015 and watch the transformation God is going to do in fulfillment of His promise to you.
Prayer: Lord, it’s not about me. I pray that you will guard me against temptation and situations that can kill my marriage. Please give me courage and strength to lean together with you in 2015. Remind me to Put You First in every morning.

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