Dread and Anxiety

Scripture: Read 1 Corinthians 4: 3-5 “…My conscience is clear, but that isn’t what matters. It is the Lord Himself who will examine me and decide”.
Thought: There is no other way to describe the feeling of sitting in a court room waiting for the verdict from the judge or jury. It brings high anxiety and dread. Have you ever had to go face an authority figure and feel like you were on trial? It may not have been in an actual court room, but at sometime in your life, you probably felt you were on trial and had to defend yourself. It could have been before your parents, employer, teacher, friend, spouse or even yourself. Some people feel they are on trial every day of their lives. They have someone who criticizes, accuses or condemns them each day. This is not very pleasant but it happens. When it does, it seems that others have control over you. It’s painful and you’re not sure how to respond to the unwarranted and unjustified criticism. If we continue to experience criticism throughout our lives, we continue to receive bad news with anxiety and fear. BUT, the good news is that Jesus brought down the gravel and pronounced us justified. We have been acquitted, vindicated, and declared righteous. We were guilty, but Jesus stepped out from behind the bench, took out his wallet and paid the fine. His death brought us life and we are no longer orphans wondering with fear and guilt for love and acceptance.
Action: How do you react to your spouse when they offend you? Do you hold them accountable for days, weeks, months, years? Your Father God can help wipe away the painful memory of hurt and anger. Then you can wipe clean the accusations. Justification makes marriage and life so much better than the alternatives of dread, anxiety and guilt.
Prayer: Lord, I want to learn to re-center in your arms. Lord, apart from you l face no trial. My arms stretch out for your acceptance and I thank you for paying my debt in the court room. Please help me to pay forward your love and not accuse others.

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  1. Sue DeCelle
    Sue DeCelle says:

    Any time someone of authority calls me in face to face, I automatically am afraid that I did something wrong. But with this blog, I walk with faith, only God can judge me.


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