Basic Videos

Father’s Love Letter

 S1 – Pt 1 Father’s Embrace

S1 – Pt 2 Father’s Embrace

S2 – Pt 1 Father’s Embrace

S2 – Pt 2 Father’s Embrace

Father’s Love Letter – Barry Adams

Truefaced – Two Roads by John Lynch

Skit Guys – Awesome video on the love of Jesus


Love this guy

Excellent material on church and what we are producing

Bloom where you are planted

In the Dust of Your Rabbi –

While I don’t endorse this speaker because his later theology and application lacked in so many ways, this older piece from his earlier years is really instructional.

Powerful Understanding of Father’s Heart

 Everything is Spiritual – Rob Bell


TED Great Porn Experiment

Make Your Bed – Adm McRaven Address 2014 Texas A&M


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