I.              Prayer Track

What sets Keys4-Life apart is the four laws of humility.  Law one (it’s not about me) law two (brutal honesty) law 3 (Gratitude Attitude) and law 4 (Believe God for Great  Things)   The key to breakthrough comes when, motivated by the overwhelming Presence of God’s love, pride is shattered on the cornerstone of Christ (Luke 20.17-18) and the world value system is shut down.  The recognition of the Ishmael (orphan pleasing) and the displacement of the son of Promise (Trusting) Isaac spirit.


God takes us into the desert to speak words of grace to our heart.  And it will take some time, two years (minimum) to learn this.  Not because we are not intelligent enough to learn it, but because this is not about what you memorize it’s about waiting to see if what you know changes how you live, not more knowledge which leads to pride (1 Cor 8) it’s a changed lifestyle, you haven’t learned it until it changes your lifestyle.  1 Jn 4.16  You don’t know it until you live it.


Remember this…you failed at everything in life so when you start feeling hurt that ministry passed you by…remember you don’t deserve more chances.  Only mercy and grace is your hope…  And Father is your confidence, act like the consultant Father called you to be.


Pray for Cheryl.   Then family, then people resp for, ministry, pray for the empty chair 2 Ki 6.


A.    Access to a Father’s Presence, Prayer Track – Each day running the track.

Prior verses, beware hypocrisy wanting to be seen by men, ritual prayers, this is the school of prayer.

Prior verses, beware hypocrisy wanting to be seen by men, ritual prayers, this is the school of prayer.

1.     “ Our Father ” Re-Center in Sonship, remembering who we are, responding back in humility and love.

a.     Re-Center in Father’s Love – sitting still in His Presence to hear you are my son in whom I am well pleased.  Calm Heart – Put God First.  Hear One Voice ” left your first love “,

b.     Clear Conscience – Brutal Honesty, specific sins & horizontals WVS must go

c.      Conquered Will – Thankful submissive heart, in everything give thanks PGA   Never enter the court of a King with a bad attitude.

d.     Committed Faith – YES God can.  PMA  Do not enter a King’s Court with a Negative attitude.  Work is your manna

e.     Picture the Cross and the Incredible Cost paid to provide Redemption/Adoption.  See yourself as redeemed FM Sin / Law /

Slavery redeemed TO Adoption – Sonship Identity “in Christ”.  Gal 4.5,6.   Re-new a Father relationship “basic trust”.  The Spirit cries out “ Abba Father” poppa, poppi – illus: Daddy’s got you buddy, D loves you, knows the way home, I will get you there.  AND “ my daddy will get me home safely ” ( years later what I thot was such trauma Father treasured it )

f.      Walk back into transformational thinking, the displacing of the orphan mindset.  See yourself and believe in the status and position and honor of Sonship.  I have a New Father; Nature; Name/Character; Access; Perspective; Purpose; Responsibility; Warfare and Enemy

g.     Soak deep in Father’s Word every morning with spiritual breathing, the goal is presence not learning.

h.     Understand that when it’s time to grow God moves ahead or allows trials, temptation troubles to come.

i.      Also note “ our ” we are all a family.

2.      “Who Art In Heaven”.  Adoration, Worship, Praise,  PUT GOD FIRST!

a.     See yourself and believe in the status and position of God’s Son: New 1) Nature; 2) Name; 3) Purpose, 4) Perspective; 6) Responsibility; 7) War

b.     Picture heaven, prioritize worship and praise God for Who He is

c.      Embrace the Sovereignty of Almighty God as Creator, Sustainer, Controller of all things.  I am not in control.

3.     “Hallowed be Thy Name”  Confession/Conviction of Sin,  .  BRUTAL HONESTY!

a.     ” Be holy as I am holy ” thot, word, walk.

b.     Want to be Authentic “Real Deal” Expression of Xn faith: hope-full, holy, healthy, healing, “Real Deal”

c.      Evaluate your life & prayer “in Jesus Name”  Matt 21:12-16

d.     Selfishness, Sarcasm, Self-Centered, Self-Seeking, Self-Pity

e.     Self-justifying, defending, vindicating, promoting.

f.      Review God’s Names, meaning, benefit, and conviction of lack of faith

Adonai – Lord Master.  El-Shaddai – God my provider, El-Olam – Everlasting Go,                          El-Roi – The God who really sees        El-Elyon – The Most High God.  YHWH Sabbaoth – Lord of Hosts, YHWH Shammah – Present with me          YHWH Rohi – Lord my Shepherd,  YHWH M’Kaddesh – my Sanctifier                         YHWH Shalom – Lord my Peace            YHWH Rophe – my Healer,  YHWH Yireh – Lord my Provision                YHWH Nissi – my Banner                       YHWH Tsidkenu – my Righteousness  But then comes the only New Testament name for God.  Abba FATHER !


4.     Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done ”   GIVE THANKS – PGA  God’s will is found through thankfulness, a thankful heart is the key to God’s Will in my life.

a.     Attitude check “in everything give thanks” joy  – contentment 1 Th 5:18

b.     Perspective check “Seek first His Kingdom and His Right…”  Ma 6:33  “bad eye”

c.      Boldness check, am I truly seeking God’s kingdom or my own – fervent

d.     Surrender YIELD, Servant v Selfishness, Sarcasm, wallowing Self pity

e.     See things in terms of kingdom issues and results.

5.   Specific Requests,  Give us this day our daily bread BELIEVE GOD ! A.S.K. AND VISION !

a.     Knowing God desires to provide for your needs  1 Chron 4:10

b.     Be Specific – Matt 7:7-8

c.      Be Persistent – Luke 11:9-10

d.     Be Expectant – Mark 11:23; John 14:12

e.     Be Believing –  Mark 6:5

6.     Forgive us our debts as we forgive others   DEAL WITH YOUR STRONGHOLDS !

a.     Forgive and Release others – Col 3:12-13

b.     Deal with the spirit’s of resentment, bitterness and anger

c.      Don’t rehearse, curse, nurse, reimburse, but immerse in Christ’s blood

7.     Lead us not into temptation

a.     Knowing who I am in Christ Ro 6:1-18

b.     Confessing my weaknesses and depending on the Holy Spirit Lk 22.46

c.      No longer yielding my body to sin but to Christ

d.     Stepping out in faith and in trust

8.     But deliver us from evil

a.     Believing GOD or èLie èFearèBondage èPrison  eg fear of men Josh 1:9

b.     Stand firm in the Lord and in the Strength of His might – LCQ CONFIDENCE

c.      Put on armor: belt, breastplate, shoes of peace

d.     Shield of faith, Helmet of Salvation, Sword of Spirit = Word and prayer

e.     Principles of Intelligence, Sequence, Consequence

9.     For Thine is the Kingdom, Power and Glory Forever

a.     Remind yourself of God’s Awesome Power in Gen 18:14

b.     Remind of God’s Sovereignty and how I fit into His Kingdom

c.      Return to giving God the Glory by praising Him John 12:27

d.     Walk, not by sight, but by faith in the Power of the Holy Spirit through me.

e.     Kingdom expansion Isaiah 43:6; Luke 10:2

f.      Pray for people in small groups:  prayer, share, care

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