A Couples Course, written by a guy, with guys in mind.   After 39 years of counseling and ministry, Dr. Johnson compiled the

Marriage Made Simple

A Couples Course, written by a guy, with guys in mind.   After 39 years of counseling and ministry, Dr. Johnson compiled the Sixteen Cardinal Principles of Marriage (or any relationship) that produce successful and profitable results.  These are the basics, taught by a guy who specialized in helping couples and mentoring guys.  Also part of the Marriage Made Simple ministry are four different series that can be converted to the needs of the local church or in a retreat setting. Our conferences are designed to teach very specific principles that bring healing and restoration to most marriages.   Taught in two venues, first the basic principle from a Scriptural perspective followed by an interactive discussion of the material and practical application.  One attendee stated, “we just attended a nationally advertised marriage conference the weekend before the MMS conference was done at our church and we learned more in one session of MMS than we learned the whole weekend at the other conference…we recommend this HIGHLY”.

We now have available the 16 Cardinal Principals for Marriage Made Simple.


It’s what Christ calls us to do.  He talked about Marriage as a becoming one, therefore the ultimate goal of a couple is unity.  We accomplish that through a process of “leave… cleave… weave”.  Leaving means to put all other relationships in second place to my marriage.  Leaving speaks of priority.  Cleaving is a process of gluing or welding and speaks to a different process, one of learning those skills that glue us to each other.  Cleaving can be kindness, communication, resolving conflict, or any number of other skills in a person to person relationship.  Weaving speaks to a goal of “becoming one flesh”.  This was God’s goal; each couple would become one, unified, woven together team that work together to accomplish His purposes.  So much was this goal in God’s mind when He created man and woman (and marriage) that He later will say in Ephesians 5.33 “… the mystery is great but I am speaking of Christ and The Church”.  God intended marriage to be demonstrated in a visible, observable, and physical way like the amazing relationship between Christ and His Bride.

So here are some questions:

  •  Is your marriage oriented vertically with God relationship at the head or are your priorities horizontal in a world’s value system?
  • Do you listen, engage and connect with your spouse?
  • Have you learned the skills of Kindness, Understanding differences, Taking care of each other in a lifelong commitment, Communication in each other’s languages, Ministering to each other’s heart needs?
  • Can you use the skills of Conflict Resolution and achieve an effective connection on the other side?

Dr. James G. Johnson unlocks the puzzles of marriage with the Keys of God’s Word to assist men and their wives in the process of having a marriage as Christ intended.



  1. Marriage 911 
  2. Batteries and Power Chargers: Vertical Living
  3. The Good, Bad, and Ugly
  4. I Married an Alien
  5. Help Me no Speak: Language of Connection
  6. Super Glue: Leave Cleave and Weave
  7. For Men Only: Auto Shop
  8. For Women Only: Luxury Sedan
  9. New Car Smell: Being a Man of Your Vows
  10. Bench Seat: The Art of Forgiving
  11. DETOX Communication
  12. Alpha Omega Communicating 
  13. Road Rage – Dealing with Anger
  14. Rules of the Road
  15. CompromiseMapping
  16. Rear View Mirrors – Return to Grace
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