Grace Orphans No More


Grace Orphans No More

Release Date: March 2015

With a library full of books about Grace, why this one?   Speaking from his own pain and experience, combining a wealth of Biblical Knowledge, in a very transparent way Dr. James Johnson provides a much needed realignment of the meaning and application of God’s Love to the heart of man.  Here is the long awaited road map for the serious Christ Follower to navigate into the undiscovered country of God’s Love found in the Most Neglected Person of the Trinity.  Like a surgeon of the heart, Dr. Johnson in section one deals with core hurts of man’s severed heart.  The journey takes us into his own pain and performance, pretending, power, personal agendas, praise of others, possessions, people dependency, and pleasures of life.  He identifies how the orphan heart of man digs in the dumpsters of a world value system’s counterfeit affections.  In section two, he brings a realignment of Christian thinking by redefining Grace from the most neglected Person of the Trinity, ABBA Father,  the only New Testament name for God.

Then in section three he builds a model of life change that really works.  Using a unique concept of displacement thinking through a Heavenly Father’s Identity as sons and daughters he builds out a transitional life change strategy.  This book follows picks up where Search for Significance and The Shack stopped.  Dr. Johnson brings the healing heart of Father God to the broken heart of created man.  This is a must read.

Marraige Made Simple
(coming soon)


Marriage Made Simple

Release Date: Summer 2016

A Couples Course, written by a guy, with guys in mind.   After 39 years of counseling and ministry, Dr. Johnson compiled the Sixteen Cardinal Principles of Marriage (or any relationship) that produce successful and profitable results.  These are the basics, taught by a guy who specialized in helping couples and mentoring guys.  Also part of the Marriage Made Simple ministry are four different conferences that can be converted to the needs of the local church or in a retreat setting.  Our retreats are designed to teach very specific principles that bring healing and restoration to most marriages.   The course is taught in two venues, first the basic principle from a Scriptural perspective followed by an interactive discussion of the material and practical application.  One attendee stated, “we just attended a nationally advertised marriage conference the weekend before the MMS conference was done at our church and we learned more in one session of MMS than we learned the whole weekend at the other conference…we recommend this HIGHLY”.  If you feel your spouse speaks alien or your marriage is bent, read this book and learn to invest in your marriage.

Future Publications

Sonship The Highest Calling

There is an inner longing we as Christ followers have, almost intuitively, something more, and something deeper we can share with God.  The question is how.  As a pastor, after 23 years in ministry, digging in the counterfeits of performance, pretending, praise of others and popularity formulas just didn’t work any more, I gave up.  In that painful journey I began to understand a deep sense of God’s Presence and began listening to His Heart for fellowship with us.  I began seeing and finding keys to unlock the doors of a vertical relationship with Him as Father and then seeing that transforming identity.  I also realized there was a Calling higher than any task I had ever assumed.   God was calling to be His adopted son in Christ.  It was identity like I had not seen.  The journey into Grace wasn’t easy, wounds deep, scars needed healing, a whole new perspective to see regarding the old Orphan spirit and the spirit of Sonship.   We teach men (and their wives) to find their identity and destiny in His History, in assuming our place as Father’s son.  It’s an amazing perspective.

Mind of Christ – Heart of Marriage

Mission Driven Life

The second book in the identity series, learning who we are in Christ and how that is expressed through our lives.  While Rick Warren’s book, “The Purpose Driven Life” awoke many to the need for answering the “why” of life, a purpose statement is never complete without a mission statement.  Where a purpose statement explains the “why” or reason we do or do not do something, a mission statement tells us in terms of overall objectives “HOW” we answer our purpose.  The Mission Driven Life by Dr. Johnson is a simple and practical way to practice our purpose.  In four steps he shows that given the foundation of being God’s child we are now called to a life of love for others.  To live out the actions of love one needs to understand the motive.  Humility.  C.S.Lewis said it best.  “Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it is thinking of yourself less”.  Augustine an early church father wrote,

“I would wish you to place yourselves with all your love under Christ, and to pave no other way in order to reach and to attain the truth than what has already been paved by him who, as God, knows the weakness of our steps. This way is, in the first place, humility; in the second place, humility; in the third place, humility… As often as you ask me about the Christian religion’s norms of conduct, I prefer to give no other answer than, humility” (Letter 118, 3,22)

The Mission Driven Life provides the four keys that unlock the doorway to a Christ follower’s new paradigms:

Learning to Resolve Conflict

Dr. Johnson outlines the basic concepts of how to communicate effectively.  From learning to speak so that you are heard to learning to hear so that you can connect. Conflict is a part of life that we cannot avoid.  We either use conflict as a threat, avoid it like death or we learn to manage it effectively.  There are simple and practical principles that  when applied can turn conflict into opportunities.   After years of counseling, coaching and mediation at multiple levels Dr. Johnson has synthesized these into a few specific laws, like laws of the road.  If we adhere to them we arrive at destinations safely.  If we run the red lights we live going from accident to accident.  Lots of drama and very painful.


Forgiven to Forgive

From a life of incredibly tragic experiences Dr. Johnson teaches the ways he learned to keep from getting bitter and resentful and to move into being able to forgive others.  This amazing work outlines the keys for understanding humility at its source, understanding the devastating consequences of not forgiving,


Tearing Down Strongholds

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