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Helping an Addicted Spouse

This article was so good I just had to reprint. How to Help Your Spouse through Addiction Recovery by Dr. David B. Hawkins Sadly, studies indicate there is little correlation between what we believe and our actions. This–the absence of integrity–is no more critical than in marriage, where we promise to do one thing and […]

The Good, Bad & Ugly of Marriage Counselors

Three Dangers in Marriage Counseling #2   The Counselor is not Confident  Why is this important?  Because you need someone who is not only competent but also someone who is confident. 1.  Confident in Themselves Obviously, you don’t want to seek a counselor that is filled with conceit, but confident enough to speak directly to each […]

Good & Bad Marriage Counselors #1

Three Dangers of Marriage Counseling #1 The Counselor is not trained  IT wasn’t long ago that a very credentialed professor from the University of Minnesota wrote an article on “Why Therapy can be Hazardous to your Marital Health”. Being a marriage therapist and mentor his title jerked my attention. He was sounding an alarm to […]

Marriage Doesn’t Work? – Rebuttal

Dear Mr. D’Ambrosio As a marriage therapist, counselor, coach, speaker and author I appreciate your candid and transparent vulnerability. You words brought me to share the sadness you must feel as I read your article in the context of the photo you posted the kiss you shared with your wife on your wedding day. Frankly […]


Keys4-Life is a non-profit 503(c) organization. We rely on charitable supporters, such as yourself, to keep our ministry growing through donations. Our mission is to “Unlock the puzzles of relationships with the Keys of God’s word”. Thank you for your prayerful generosity and for believing in our outreach to broken families and marriages.  Keys4 -Life Vision: The changing […]

Simple Intentional Country

I used to think being from the country was something that wasn’t readily admitted in public. But as life rolled I began to see the value of and then come to cherish the farming roots I was raised with. The first to awaken that was a student in my seminars. He kept introducing me as someone with a Nebraska Farm Kid Perspective. Wasn’t sure if that was good or not. Next came Charles Haddon Spurgeon who did several messages on lessons from the country. If it was good enough for Charles Spurgeon then it was good for me.

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About the author- Dr Johnson is dedicated to helping people achieve greater and more long lasting results in their relationship with God (Walking with God made simple) and their relationships with each other especially in marriage (Marriage Made Simple). He is a Nationally Certified Counselor and Certified Life Coach in practice since 1981. Reprint Permission- […]

Broken Trust

I had to deal with it. Broken Trust. A Limp. Mine was broken. I wanted to be a power house believer. But I lacked the basic equipment to trust. Because of family of origin dysfunction, personal injury, wrong choices I simply lack basic trust. Like I struggled with a handicap and worse couldn’t see it. Basic trust, the ability to be completely vulnerable to someone (God) because you are convinced they love you and will not hurt you. Deep down I didn’t have it. This video is so powerful and talks about trusting God no matter what. About two farmers who prayed for rain. How it restored my broken trust.