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Two Key Benefits Of Having A Mentor:  First, A commitment to a PROCESS.
Many times we want to grow, but “life gets in the way.” When you’ve made a commitment of time and effort into a mentoring process, you know on a regular basis someone who cares is going to be connecting with you to help you get where you want to go.   Second, There’s a commitment in a mutual PARTNERSHIP. Having someone walking with you in the direction you want to go is huge. Having someone who can draw things out of you, give you ideas, offer encouragement and inspiration, be a sounding board, keep you on track according to where you want to go and so on, is also extremely invaluable.
Research shows if you’re working on a goal with someone else, the chances of you reaching your goal goes from 15% (if you try to do it on your own) up to 75 to 80% (if you have someone working with you and walking with you as you move toward that goal)? That’s HUGE.  So I’m available to be yours for the journey.

Grace Orphans No More

Understanding the value of Father God and His Love for us is life changing.  Dr. Johnson traces the orphan in us all and shows how that unwanted heart becomes a mindset behind all that we do.  Whether translated into idols we serve or hyper religious activity, the need of belonging, valued, important, approved of and protected drives most of our behaviors.  Unmet need produces pain, and pain seeks pleasure.  When we learn to be invited into the fellowship of the Trinity and allow the only New Testament Name for God to heal us, our lives are changed from the inside out.  Not because we have to but because we want to.  This is the material Dr Johnson teaches in his seminars nationally.

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Marriage Made Simple

Written for guys, by a guy, with guys in mind, and their wives.  Dr. J teaches from his personal years of experience and training.  Truthfully, Marriage is not simple nor easy.  But it can be made understandable.  This book was designed specifically to distill the most basic concepts of successful relationships into the simplest form possible.  It is literally a tool box full of practical marriage tools.  Each chapter can be read by a husband, wife or even better, together as a couple.  With a sense of “garage talk logic” using illustrations from cross country driving Dr. Johnson explains the hidden obstacles, potholes, and breakdowns that can sabotage our best efforts.  He explains in a simple way the dynamics of personality, gender differences, love and respect, communication, conflict resolution, emotional management, sex, what she needs, what he hopes she’ll see, and forgiveness. He uses terms that are readily identifiable, as expressed in chapters,“Aliens and Strangers” and “Rearview Mirrors”.  The series is also available in DVD with a 16 week study guide to accompany for small group Bible studies.

The testimonials are extremely positive.  One stated, “We just came from the most popular national marriage weekend seminar and we learned in one Friday Evening what it took them a weekend to teach”.  Another says, “the humor in DrJ’s interactive teaching style is just fun to be part of”.  And another, “The first session, Marriage 911, changed our marriage overnight”.



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THE NEXT BOOK IS IN PRODUCTION… Marriage Made Sim-pl-er.  Learning the CARDINAL SKILLS OF MARRIAGE as taught… from the seat of a tractor.

Marriage Made TWOgether  (In Production)

This is part two of the Relationship Series.  Marriage Made TwoGether was also written for guys, by a guy, with guys in mind, and their wives.  Taking his prior book, identifying the different tools in a relationship, Marriage Made TwoGether works on developing specific skills needed to use the tools.  This book is a powerful instruction manual that most guys never get from their dads growing up.  So most of what we learn is by watching examples from family and friends that are typically faulty at best.  Combining brain research, and train the trainer coaching, years of counseling and mentoring and a Nebraska Kid common sense, DrJ literally talks like a coach to provide a discipleship manual for guys and their wives.

Up to date research…
Biblically Solid



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